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Project Description


As an extension to PCAP3D, ThreatGEN is designed to receive actual ICS/SCADA protocol data from real-world devices. It then adds realistic, fully interactive, 3D models of pipelines, tanks, well heads, a refinery, electrical substations, and an offshore platform (all with full walk-through capability) to the environment. These environments are coded with realistic physics that provide visual feedback for penetration testing training/labs, hacking demonstrations, red team/blue team exercises, and more. Users can cause several safety hazards and disasters such as pipes exploding and tanks overflowing by exceeding physical limits and thresholds. Future plans for ThreatGEN will be the ability for users to configure custom layouts/environments, and support for Oculus Rift, allowing users to experience the environment in immersive virtual reality.

>>This project will resume after the book release<<

In the following screenshots, 2 different offshore platforms and an entire refinery are showcased. ThreatGEN also features a chemical plant, a power plant, and substations.

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